As a leader in Northeast Ohio manufacturing, MAGNET operates with the region in mind and has an unmatched commitment to helping companies grow. By offering our consulting service and expertise, we aim to contribute to the manufacturing renaissance in Northeast Ohio and champion the sector whenever the opportunity arises.

Manufacturing Growth through Innovation
The passionate pursuit of manufacturing excellence and new products

  • Adding more jobs and careers in manufacturing
  • Creating and promoting economic growth
  • Improving products, processes, and businesses
  • Bringing the power of the region through a wide variety of partnerships

Championing Small Manufacturers
Encouraging more companies to stay and grow in Northeast Ohio

  • Being a cheerleader for local manufacturing in all shapes and forms
  • Raising the visibility of the importance of manufacturing to our economy and country
  • Give world-class support to small and mid-size manufacturers

Improving Existing Perceptions of Manufacturing
Not your parents’ manufacturing career…

  • Enhancing image through the showcasing of new technologies
  • Changing attitudes to create a positive, communal focus on manufacturing

Strengthening Our Communities
More happiness and prosperity to more people

  • Attracting and retaining talent by creating ideal places to work
  • Inspiring and educating future generations of manufacturers
  • Creating jobs and better quality of life

If you’d like to learn more about MAGNET, get in touch with us by calling 216.391.7002 or email info@magnetwork.org!